Album Review: Beyoncè- BEYONCÈ Part 4


Beyoncè opens up with a inspiring sounding ballad and professing of her love and the need of a kiss from her husband.

It’s filled with passion, fun, and just a great feeling. She takes a spin on the phrase “XO” it’self and repeats it, possibly until the lights go out. But no matter what she will always see him admits the crowd.

Here’s a 30sec clip of Beyoncè having the time of her life at Coney Island 

The song overall is pretty good, and it’s something you would play on a day that will be one to remember.


The song opens with the channeling of the “Girls Tyme” days and in a competition to side in as well. But wait……….BOW DOWN IS ON HERE!!!

Yes that’s right folks! The controversial single has appeared, with some tweaks made to the beat.

Then comes a powerful spiel given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on how women and young girls should carry themselves. Through teachings, that can help them make an equality with the world.

Beyoncè then boasts about her lavish lifestyle and turns up! Because she’s FLAWLESS! At the end the song takes it back to the past and the girls loose the competition.

Here’s a 30sec clip below, were Beyoncè is being FLAWLESS !


Is a barber shop quartet opener with an ominous mood, that creates a different atmosphere. Beyoncè comes in to talk about being in a relationship, while comparing and contrasting to not being in one.

She then sees her own soul has grown greatly, and looks at how before, he didn’t she didn’t have things mentally in order. Now that they are together, it’s a born feeling.

They’re love is a superpower, as depressed by her and Frank Ocean on the chorus.

This song is pretty good and I think this can grow on you in time, showing that your love is a superpower.

Here’s a 30sec clip below, were it appears to be a revolution of some sort going on.


In this downing piano ballad, Queen Bey has fallen sad.

The song is about her miscarriage that she had before Blue Ivy, and sings emotionally that “Heaven couldn’t wait for you”.

This is a really great song, as an ode to her miscarriage and the raw emotion is Beyoncè at her best once again.

Here’s the 30sec below, where it shows the emotional connection


Is a mild ballad with a sunny beach feel, as Beyoncè talks about Baby Blue. Looking into Blue’s eyes, she tells her to hold on to her. This shows the love Beyoncè has for her baby.

This song is a nice fell all around, filled with once again the raw emotion and passion. It’s perfect.

Here’s the 30sec clip below, look at them having good old fashioned mother-daughter time!

So now head on to part 5 for the final thoughts and etc…


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